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What is Russia’s endgame?

After a series of airborne incursions last week, the latest news coming from Russia is the threat issued on March 20th, 2015, to Denmark. In quite an unsavoury piece published in a prominent Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten, the Russian Ambassador to Denmark warned that the Scandinavian country would expose its warships to nuclear strikes if it accepted to host part …

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Robert Mugabe, new head of the African Union, the latest pun from Africa

On January 30th, 2015, Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe was elected as the new annual chairman of the African Union. The 90-year-old, seven times elected President of the former British colony seems an outrageous choice given that any other head of state from the Southern region of the African Union could have been elected in his stead, a region that …

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The Weekly Recap – September 22nd to September 29th

French start strikes on ISIS, get one hostage killed. As part of a global coalition finally put together to stop the atrocities carried out by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, France followed the US in launching airstrikes against various strategic facilities previously captured by the group’s militants, oil refineries for example. However, as a response, another Islamic group located in …

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Equiper l’opposition Syrienne ? Trois ans trop tard.

Alors qu’en février 2011 éclatait une révolte armée en Syrie contre le régime autoritaire de Bachar Al-Assad, ce n’est qu’en juin 2014 que l’administration américaine, et en particulier, le Président Obama, prix Nobel de la paix en 2009, ont suggéré de débloquer 500 millions de dollars pour équiper les rebelles syriens. Si une telle somme ferait rêver n’importe quelle association …

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The Weekly Recap – June 16th to June 22nd

Welcome to our weekly recap, the English publication of our website. Here are the main stories that unfolded during week 25 of the year 2014 and that you may want to know about. Russia stops delivering gas to Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko’s election and the attempt at diplomacy between him and Pres. Vladimir Putin of Russia during the D-Day remembrance ceremony …

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Elections – l’UE à un tournant

Alors que le processus démocratique européen a commencé ce jeudi et que les partis eurosceptiques sont promis à une percée significative dans le nombre de sièges gagnés, l’avenir de l’Europe n’a jamais été aussi incertain. Toutefois, c’est toujours en temps de crise qu’elle a su rebondir. Voici trois enjeux à venir pour le prochain Parlement et la prochaine Commission. Relancer …

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