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Don’t let the Ukraine crisis screw your mind – Dr. Paul Sanders


Don’t let the Ukraine crisis screw your mind

by Dr Paul Sanders, associate professor of international relations, NEOMA Business School, Reims

UKRAINE-CRISIS_2839878bThe two-month stand-off in Ukraine seems to have brought out all the demons. Whatever one may have read or heard, and however hard one may try to seize this crisis, everything associated with it has that immediate fatal touch of sand trickling between one’s hands. Never mind what the talking heads say, an opinion arrived at one moment usually has to be revised the next. Partly this is the fault of the formidable disinformation, propaganda, or ‘fog of war’ that surrounds the most controversial aspects of the crisis. This is reflected in particular in the output of the Russian media, which reminds one of fiction, as featured in Barry Levinson’s Wag the Dog.
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