Hu Jintao – citations


Oeuvre non communiquée :

« We will never allow anybody to separate Taiwan from China. »

« The Chinese government attaches great importance to Asia-Pacific regional co-operation. »

« We should all oppose acts of encroachment on other countries sovereignty, forceful interference in a coutry’s internal affairs, and willfull use or threat of military force. »

« The motherland and people are proud of you. I hope you will successfully complete your task by carring out the mission calmly anr carefully and have a triumphant return. »

“At an amazing speed, modern science and technology have been making continuous progress that is marked by the advancement of information technology and bio-technology. And international industrial transfer as well as the flow of production factors have accelerated. All this offers countries in the world rare opportunities for development.”

« The Chinese motherland and the people are proud of you!”

« We will also play an important facilitating role in promoting the growth of our relationship as a whole. »

“We appreciate that the government of Equatorial Guinea adheres to the the one-China stance and supports China’s peaceful reunification.”

“China stresses the need to stick to the objective of a nuclear-free peninsula, and stick to a course of dialogue and peaceful resolution, so as to preserve peace and stability on the peninsula and in the region.”

« We have pursued profound change without ever giving up China’s unique brand of socialism, and so have been able to bring about great reforms.”

« Asia is our shared home. China’s development is tied to Asia.”

« All countries, regardless of their size, wealth, or strength, should be treated equal and different civilizations and social systems of the world ought to pursue common development by seeking common points while reserving differences.”

« China and Vietnam linked by mountains and rivers share common ideals and have related culture and interests. The peoples of the two countries had profound feelings for each other in history.”

« It is indicated by the common call of the two sides to be good neighbors, friends, comrades and partners for ever.”

« China is ready to work with Vietnam to continue exploration in building socialism and make continuous efforts for new prospects of bilateral all-round friendly relations and cooperation and for a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity. »


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